Gink Fly Floatant


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Gink Fly Floatant



World Famous GINK Fly Floatant produced from  quality componant to the highest standard in Snake River, Hell’s Canyon! This item is vacuum sealed and imported from the USA.

Simply rub a small amount of GINK into the dry fly before you get it wet. GINK melts at skin temperature and wont cake small hackles like silicone.The flies stay dry for hours!

Gehrke’s  ® is now 28 years old. It is the first commercially offered, safe, dry fly dressing that floated flies repeatedly. Its’ features and functions are unique in the world of chemistry and fly fishing. Gehrke’s  ® has a specific gravity of only .77% that of water, which means it’s lighter than water. Gehrke’s  ® is a liquid emulsifier that permeates deep into the body material of dry flies. It will either coat sythetics or penetrate fur or feather.

® is a light paste that turns to a liquid at skin temperature. Upon coming in contact with cold water it returns to a clear, unseen, invisible gel that keeps water from making your dry flies or streaking streamers, wet. Flies stay dry for the normal useful life of any and all dry flies astream. 

Gehrke’s  ® has helped set more world records than all other dry fly dressings in the world combined. This includes total sales, making, after 27 years of service the most revolutionary product in dry fly fishing history. Gehrke’s  ® was invented by Mr. George Eugene Gehrke. 

Gehrke’s  ® is easy to use. Simply dab a little Gehrke’s  ® onto a dry, dry fly (before it is allowed to get wet) and rub it into the fly until dressed. Hackles do not become matted or caked with Gehrke’s  ®. A serious fault of silicone based dressings that attract dirt, grit, and which cake expensive hackles into a matted mess. Gehrke’s  ®is fly friendly in all aspects. The product will even float a bare #8 light wire dry fly hook, but this is nothing more than an entertaining thing to see float in a glass of water. Simply rinse the fly after a fish is caught and false cast dry. Dress only the first two inches of tippet from dry flies with Gehrke’s  ® as this is all the leader necessary to float from the fly. 

Gehrke’s  ® has no smell or odors and leaves no oil slicks as other dressing do. Gehrke’s  ® is an original invention that is environmentally safe and “Fly Friendly”. 

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