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  • Nash Dwarf Cork 10ft 3.25lb


    Dwarf Cork Bringing the premium feel of cork handle finish to Dwarf® users by popular demand, and bringing short packdown performance to every situation thanks to the addition of a 6ft 1lb model for stalking, freelining and margin fishing plus a 2.75lb model for smaller venues and shorter range work. Alongside the proven 3lb and 3.25lb…

  • Sonik Xtractor 9ft 2.75lb


    With the increase in popularity of short, semi-telescopic carp rods, the XTRACTOR carp rods fill a real gap in the market for affordable top-quality rods that are easy to transport due to their short pack down lengths. The super-slim matt black, part-telescopic carbon fibre blanks have plenty of reserve power in the butt section and…