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Nash Speedload PVA System Medium


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Nash Speedload PVA System Medium



Product Description

Offering the quickest and easiest solution for tying solid PVA bags the Speedload System grips the Speedload Bag whilst you add the rig and feed, with a slot to keep mainline or leaders out the way. Using a clever twist and seal technique solid bags are produced without the need for tying off with PVA tape and without the usual knot of PVA residue that refuses to break down readily.

Attach the bag to the loading funnel, fill, lick and twist and you have produced a perfectly packed bag ready to cast in seconds without all the fingers and thumbs.

Small: 55mm x 125mm (20 bags)

Medium: 70mm x 155mm (20 bags)

Large: 85mm x 180mm (20 bags)

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