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Nash Slap Head / White – 20g / T5324


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Nash Slap Head / White – 20g / T5324


Slap Heads

With no external fittings, clips or features to damage,

Slap Heads have developed a reputation for virtually unbreakable,

ever ready indication.

Available in Old Skool white or cult black the PTFE Slap Head uses an enclosed ball bearing,

magnet and spring mechanism that clicks the line securely into the head but disengages instantly.

Available from 6 to 40 grams for every tactical approach and all conditions,

as the size and weight of the Slap Head increases the line retention system strengthens correspondingly.

Slap Heads connect to the black stainless Linx chains or black stainless Strong Arms.

Additional isotopes, drag weights and attachment options make Slap Heads as versatile as they are stylish.

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