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  • Nash Bait Mussel Blend


    A complete blend of three whole mussel species including Green Lipped Mussel for a protein rich, attractive and versatile natural liquid. A complementary additive for stick mixes, groundbaits, particles, pellets and boilies. Mussel Blend has quickly become a favourite for Alan Blair from the Natural Boosters liquids – with it routinely added to his grubbing…

  • Nash Bait Salted Squid Natural Attraction Liquid


    A blend of the same fresh Atlantic squid used in the Scopex Squid Hemp. Naturally rich in salt, free amino acids, trace elements and minerals Salted Squid is a potent additive with any number of applications for carp anglers searching for an edge. Use as a stick mix additive, add to groundbaits, particles, pellets and…