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  • Middy Carbon Battle Zone 2m Landing Net Handle


    MIDDY Battlezone 2m Tele Handle FULL DESCRIPTION: A telescopic 2 metre carbon carp match landing handle, with a strong phenolic fibre construction and robust one-piece thread. It carries Middy’s famous ‘Battlezone’ name and it’s a brilliant handle at an incredibly low price!

  • Middy Carp Lake Wagglers Selection 9pcs


    A Perfect Selection Of Floats For Fishing Carp Commercial Lakes. NOTE – FLOATS COLOURS MAY VARY FROM PICTURE

  • Middy MX-50c Bait Accessory Cool Bag


    Middy MX-50C Baits/ Acc Cool Bag If you’re using this bag as a cooler for your own food, the foil lining inside offers a hygienic way to keep your food at the temperature it’s designed to be enjoyed at, be that hot or cold, while for a bait bag, the foil inner ensures that any…

  • Middy MX-50L Carryall


    MIDDY MX-Series 50L Carryall FULL DESCRIPTION: Made using exclusive hard-wearing 840 denier SkinMax material, this superb 50-litre carryall is perfect for serious match anglers and has loads of features incorporated as standard. The MX-50L has a detachable padded shoulder strap, padded carry handles, chunky robust zips with Middy icon pull-tabs and an open-style side pocket…

  • Middy MX-PS3 Pellet Soaker Model


    Middy MX-PS3 Pellet Soaker Model: 20443make method pellet mix easy Middy MX-PS3 Pellet Soaker, Made from durable mesh material, the MX-PS3 pellet soaker has a full zip closure and a ergonomical hard grip handle for dipping bait. Part of the outstanding MX Series luggage from Middy, the MX-PS3 is also compatible with the MX-5B mixing…

  • Middy Power Handle 3.5m Landing Net Handle


    Middy Power Handles: P200300 Key Features Made from phenolic fibres making them very strong 3.5m handles are telescopic with a short 0.5m extension for additional reach. The thread is a one piece brass construction Withstands the rigours that handles undergo in fishing situations. Use them as a general coarse handle or on carp commercials, Both…

  • Middy Tough Pole Floats 20pcs Assorted


    Description Middy Tough Pole Float Pack, The Middy Tough Pole Float Pack contains 20 floats plus a clear protective tube. The selection of floats includes PFSE Carp Jolee, Hi Viz Power Pellet, PFSE Stillwater, Carp buster series, PFSE Match floats and more. NOTE – FLOATS COLOURS MAY VARY FROM PICTURE

  • Middy UNI Team Mega Selection 10pcs


    Description Middy Uni-Team Mega Collection Float Tube, All the float types you could ever need inside one protective tube! An assortment of twenty UK-made fishing floats from Uni-Team, at an excellent price.

  • Middy Xtreme 3L Accessory/Reel Case


    MIDDY MX-3L Reel/Accessory Case FULL DESCRIPTION: This fully padded 3-litre case is made from exclusive 840 denier SkinMax material and is perfect for storing a reel or accessories. The clear/see-through zipped flap lid allows you to quickly see inside and is also easy to wipe clean. It comes with a detachable padded compartment for storing…